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RV9-List: Official RV9-List Usage Guidelines

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:34 am    Post subject: RV9-List: Official RV9-List Usage Guidelines Reply with quote

Matt, please unsubscribe me. My email address is twcroy(at) Thank you. Tim

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Friday, February 2, 2018, 2:13 AM -0500 from dralle(at) <dralle(at)>:
[quote] --> RV9-List message posted by: Matt Dralle <dralle(at) (dralle(at)>

Dear Listers,
Please read over the RV9-List Usage Guidelines below. The complete
RV9-List FAQ including these Usage Guidelines can be found at the
following URL:
Thank you,
Matt Dralle
Matronics Email List Administrator

                     RV9-List Usage Guidelines

The following details the official Usage Guidelines for the RV9-List.
You are encouraged to read it carefully, and to abide by the rules therein.
Failure to use the RV9-List in the manner described below may result
in the removal of the subscribers from the List.

RV9-List Policy Statement

The purpose of the RV9-List is to provide a forum of discussion for
things related to this particular discussion group. The List's goals
are to serve as an information resource to its members; to deliver
high-quality content; to provide moral support; to foster camaraderie
among its members; and to support safe operation. Reaching these goals
requires the participation and cooperation of each and every member of
the List. To this end, the following guidelines have been established:

 - Please keep all posts related to the List at some level. Do not submit
   posts concerning computer viruses, urban legends, random humor, long
   lost buddies' phone numbers, etc. etc.

 - THINK carefully before you write. Ask yourself if your post will be
   relevant to everyone. If you have to wonder about that, DON'T send it.

 - Remember that your post will be included for posterity in an archive
   that is growing in size at an extraordinary rate. Try to be concise and
   terse in your posts. Avoid overly wordy and lengthy posts and

 - Keep your signature brief. Please include your name, email address,
   aircraft type/tail number, and geographic location. A short line
   about where you are in the building process is also nice. Avoid
   bulky signatures with character graphics; they consume unnecessary
   space in the archive.

 - DON'T post requests to the List for information when that info is
   easily obtainable from other widely available sources. Consult the
   web page or FAQ first.

 - If you want to respond to a post, DO keep the "Subject:" line of
   your response the same as that of the original post. This makes it
   easy to find threads in the archive.

 - When responding, NEVER quote the *entire* original post in your
   response. DO use lines from the original post to help "tune in" the
   reader to the topic at hand, but be selective. The impact that
   quoting the entire original post has on the size of the archive
   can not be overstated!

 - When the poster asks you to respond to him/her personally, DO NOT
   then go ahead and reply to the List. Be aware that clicking the
   "reply" button on your mail package does not necessarily send your
   response to the original poster. You might have to actively address
   your response with the original poster's email address.

 - DO NOT use the List to respond to a post unless you have something
   to add that is relevant and has a broad appeal. "Way to go!", "I
   agree", and "Congratulations" are all responses that are better sent
   to the original poster directly, rather than to the List at large.

 - When responding to others' posts, avoid the feeling that you need to
   comment on every last point in their posts, unless you can truly
   contribute something valuable.

 - Feel free to disagree with other viewpoints, BUT keep your tone
   polite and respectful. Don't make snide comments, personally attack
   other listers, or take the moral high ground on an obviously
   controversial issue. This will only cause a pointless debate that
   will hurt feelings, waste bandwidth and resolve nothing.

 - Occasional posts by vendors or individuals who are regularly
   subscribed to a given List are considered acceptable. Posts by
   List members promoting their respective products or items for sale
   should be of a friendly, informal nature, and should not resemble
   a typical SPAM message. The List isn't about commercialism, but
   is about sharing information and knowledge. This applies to
   everyone, including those who provide products to the entire
   community. Informal presentation and moderation should be the
   operatives with respect to advertising on the Lists.


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