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RV8-List Digest: 0 Msgs - 02/07/20

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:54 am    Post subject: RV8-List Digest: 0 Msgs - 02/07/20 Reply with quote

Hi Folks, I have an RV8A which now for the second time I have had fuel drains leak, not realizing it until days later, fuel dye stain down gear leg fairing and wheel pants.
I rarely drain my sumps after years, have never had any water, the two times Ive done it, they leaked. Im aware of sediment or O rings going bad, careful to make sure its reseated after draining (or at least it appears)
I have JD Air Parts Drain Fairings on the drains which look nice and are aerodynamically efficient. So after fixing this a second time, by removing the stained fairings, sand and repaint, replaced the drains.
I think I found the cause….the Drain Fairings that the drains go through are about .150 thick, which only allowed about .200 of the threads of drain to go into wing (this normally would be ok however I apparently
didn’t get any thread sealant on those first few threads because I didn’t want to get sealant on the O ring.)
I removed and replaced the drains without the old drain fairings, so I know there good now. I really do like the looks of the Drain fairings and have found out that JD AirParts have redesigned the Fairings so they are not held on by the drain but with a clamp and set screw. (The old ones required you to take the drain out to get it off the new ones can go on/off without messing with the drain, which was the reason for the redesign)
So I will probably order the new ones soon ($68 pair) What brings me to all this is, has anyone had same experience with the stain? The problem of course is the drain sitting directly above the gear leg fairing.
I found it impossible to get the stain off, the most effective, was using more fuel but only worked if hadn’t been on too long. I tried every cleaner, degreaser, compound etc……Nothing worked.
I am now thinking of Paint Protective Film on the gear leg fairings and wonder if anyone has any input on this. Im going to try this on the workbench first.
Also I have cut two pieces of 1/2 plastic tubing about one foot long to place over the drain after flying, while its sitting in the hanger so if it leaks, it drains on the floor and not fairing,
Thanks for any input
Al Dilger
Bakersfield CA
L45 N315DF

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