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Question: can these wires be put in one wire bundle?

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:20 am    Post subject: Question: can these wires be put in one wire bundle? Reply with quote

At 11:01 PM 10/7/2018, you wrote:
--> AeroElectric-List message posted by: "jim" <jimkale(at)>

Noise problems are sometimes present no matter how careful the builder has
been. That is why I read this forum, just to get ideas how to chase them.
When a friend ask me for ideas on how to find an intermittent source of
noise in his GlassStar, I gave him some ideas based on what I had learned
here. He had no luck and was just ready to give up when he accidently
noticed his HOBBS meter was running intermittently. He had a standard
arrangement where a switch in the oil pressure line turned on the HOBBS
meter so it recorded actual engine run time. When he replaced the oil
pressure switch that activated the HOBBS meter, the intermittent noise went
away. That was a total accidental situation. I doubt anyone would have
suspected a bad set of points in an oil pressure switch of causing the

You learn something new every day if you just pay attention to what you can
learn by other's experiences.

Interesting anecdote! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, MOST noise problems are vexing . . . often difficult
to analyze and fix. This is because they are rare and
seldom follow a historical script. Given
that all qualified appliances are 99.99% guaranteed
to live in one happy community, issues that do arise
tend to be one-of, weird little thing that nobody has
seen before and may never see again.

This is why prophylactics beyond the legacy catalog
of good practices are of no demonstrable value.

I am reminded of a call I received from one of my
seminar attendees about 25 years ago. He described
a litany of techniques he had applied to his Long-Ez
with the goal of mitigating noise issues. He had
shielded all his wires, separated certain wires from
others and had crafted a 'ground system' that was
difficult to visualize from the conversation.

I was somewhat astounded and asked, "What kind of
noise problem do you have?"

"Oh, no problem," says he, "I haven't flown the
airplane yet. Just want to make sure I've got
all the bases covered."

I suggested that he speak with builders already
flying who are happy with their installations.
I further suggested that he would save some weight,
bulk and complexity by pulling out all of what
he'd already put in and start over. If he did
encounter a noise problem, it would most likely
be easy to fix.

Had occasion to communicate with him years later
and he was happily flying a lighter, simpler

Bob . . .

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