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Netgear 1010 Powerline Adapter Feedback

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:22 pm    Post subject: Netgear 1010 Powerline Adapter Feedback Reply with quote

I just today received and installed these Netgear Powerline 1010 internet extenders:

NOTE: the come in a “wired” and “wireless” options and make sure you select the wireless if you want to have WIFI in the remote location.

The instructions are HORRIBLE and the person who wrote the instructions should be required to setup a system based on using their instructions and then they will realize how stupid they actually are.

So here was the scenario: I have a DSL modem/ WIFI router (in one convenient plastic case) and it has a black box power cord that plugs into the wall making heat and using electricity. If my house was small that would be the singular solution however my house is also has the steel outbuilding (hangar/workshop) 50 feet away. The outbuilding is on the same power supply (downstream of the meter) as the house.

So I thought "great" one BASE unit (plug looking box that does not have a WIFI antenna) and connect that to my existing router using the CAT 5 cable and then that box will digitize the internet signal and then use the house copper wires as the wired connection to transmit the internet signal to the far end of the house. Then I will plug in the "WIFI ACCESS POINT" (plug looking box with the antenna) to grab the internet signal from the house coper wires and then transmit WIFI to that part of the house. I would also use an additional WIFI ACCESS POINT and plug that into a socket in the master bedroom, and then use a third WIFI access point out in the shop.

So I need one BASE unit and three WIFI ACCESS POINTS …check…

HOWEVER…Netgear only sells these things in bundles (one BASE unit and one WIFI EXTENDER) and they do NOT sell the WIFI EXTENDERS separately!!! So I am stuck having to buy THREE bundles and toss out the two unneeded BASE units (or buy two bundles PLUS a separate WIFI router then that router will have cables and wasted electricity.
Good thing these things come in bundles because one BASE unit did not work so I tossed it out and grabbed another unused one (was already in the garbage can because I thought I did not need it) and connected it up and synced the units and it worked.

I used Speedtest to conduct two download tests of my Duraspeed WIFI router to set a benchmark and then with each of the Netgear WIFI units up and running and located in the exact same room as the Duraspeed and at the same distance I ran two speed tests of each Netgear WIFI unit.

Then I took the Netgear WIFI units out to the outbuilding and conducted two tests of each unit and to ensure reliable comparison I made sure my laptop was the same distance away from each unit when conducting the test and I also used the exact same wall outlet for each unit.

Ping Download Upload
Duraspeed DSL Modem/WIFI Router
26 11.68 1.24
80 12.00 1.49

Netgear 18 In House
31 11.96 1.52
38 12.09 1.50

Netgear 18 In Outbuilding
33 12.09 1.50
131 12.26 1.50
Netgear 68 In House
21 11.79 1.47
87 3.14 1.51

Netgear 68 In Outbuilding
32 8.31 1.50
Second test stalled
Third test stalled
27 12.48 1.50

Well…it seems to be working now…I will report back if there are any more issues…



Bill Hunter

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